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When you buy a car, you don’t buy the whole garage

Here’s a thought: when you buy a car, why don’t you also buy/hire a full-time mechanic and lease a well-stocked garage to take care of your future maintenance and repairs?

Why would you? All those capital costs, plus the time and effort, are unnecessary. While today we may buy and own a car, we wisely choose to pay for its maintenance and repair ‘as a service'. (And even this established form of ownership is changing. In the future, when autonomous vehicles populate our roads and hired transport is cheap and convenient, cars ownership will probably be reserved for hobbyists.)

It’s the same with RPA. You want to capture and validate your supplier invoices, reconcile accounts, increase functionality to your systems, automate your payroll, or any number of other things. And you want it fast. Every day you haven’t automated, is a day of costs you’ll never get back. With the traditional model of RPA, you’ll buy the licenses, build a team, hire or train your people, identify your targets and projects and take on the significant management challenge of making it all work. In the beginning, you’ll have inexperienced people working on an unfamiliar technology, with a big upfront price tag to justify. Yes, you can hire the best people and leverage with consultants, and yes – the traditional approach can work. But it has some heavy upfront costs, it’s a big hassle - and it’s not necessary. There is a better way.

The service model

AuTech delivers RPA as a service. From day one, you’ll leverage an experienced development team led by seasoned managers. We’ll help you identify what should be automated and in what order to achieve your objectives (fixing bottlenecks, improving quality, adding capacity, reducing cost). And because we deliver as a service, you can deploy faster, scale more quickly, add capacity as and when you need it. It’s the difference between being fixed or flexible. Which one do you prefer?

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