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New Labour Law

Did you know that the provisions contained within the New Labour Law and associated Implementation Regulations have several significant financial risk implications in terms of how you manage talent within your business? Primarily, the onus is now firmly upon employers to have several critical processes documented and evidenced to have been followed with regards to the termination of employment, which will need companies to update their internal SOPs and ensure that all employees with a line management role are aware of their responsibilities within the revised process.

Contracts, and especially HR policy around leave, maternity, paternity, carryover, and calculation of leave and gratuity are also major changes that require your attention.

This complementary translation of both the new Labour Law and their Executive Regulations for implementation have been provided by our colleagues at GrowthHUB (, specialists in HR and Organisation Development.

Executive Regulations for 2022 UAE Labour Law Implementation
Download PDF • 464KB

UAE Labour Law 2022
Download PDF • 576KB

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